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Stock Front Nose Modification


( There is allot of pictures on this page so it's slow loading )

Ok so your on a budget hugh ?  You still want the "Knight Rider" look ?   Ok while your waiting to save up and get a after market KITT nose this is what you can do:

1. Make sure that you want to do this.  It is not reversible and make sure you read the disclaimer on this site before you proceed.

2. Collect the following tools :  Utility Knife w/new blade / Pop rivets / Pop rivet gun / Dremel cut off tool or metal sheers.

3. Prey to god that you don't screw up.  (Just kidding)

4. Open hood and locate the opening in-between the two turn signals,  this is the area that will eventually house your scanner.  This is also where you need to cut out a piece of the support bracket so you can bend down the nose.

5. Unscrew the part of the bracket that you will cut.  Cut away the metal support bracket with the Dremel or sheers.  Discard it.

6. Now your ready to really f-up your car !  Take the utility knife and cut the side supports shown in the picture below.  They will cut very easily. ( Remember not to cut towards yourself  for safety, if the knife should slip)

Be Careful !!

7. After cutting the side supports discard them. Bend down the front of your nose and by using 3or more pop rivets, rivet down the front of your nose to the metal below it.

8. Fill in the resulting holes with your favorite body filler.  (use a flexible one)  Sand down and paint.  It should resemble  the pic below.  All ya' got to do now is make a scanner for your car.

Make a Scanner Now....

8-1/2.  Wonder what a scanner would look like in there ?


9. Next you need is to cover up those spaces to the left and right of the opening.   I used sheet metal to make covers for those areas.  I can not go into detail about this part because I'm still baffled that I was able to do it myself.  Basically I cut a big piece of sheet metal to manageable sizes, drew lines on the car where the body lines of the car were and started to bend, cut and shape the metal into covers for each side.  I fastened it by sheet metal screws down through the front of the nose and the top of the turn signal. It will cover up the spot where you previously used body filler after bending down the front of the nose. The picture below may give you some ideas, I am not done with mine yet as the headlight will not come up and it still looks bad.  You will need to grind off part of the headlight assembly for the light to clear your new addition and come up as shown below.    Gheezzzzz, where you going to put those turn signals now ?

Not Done Yet.....


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