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Do you need to know what options your car came with ?   Take out your driver side front seat and look underneath of it.  You should find something like this :


Factory paper

This is a factory build sheet.  It was how the factory knew how to build your car.  All the options that your car came with will be listed on this paper.  It will also tell where you car was first shipped to so it could be sold.   It will probably be in poor shape after 16 years.  Partial disassembly of the seat may be needed to get it out in one piece.   Both my cars had it underneath the drivers seat,  they were '82 & '83.  Other years may have put this paper some where else,  I've heard of them being underneath the carpet or underneath the hood insulation.  Just think how the car was put together they needed this paper until everything was assembled so it's probably on or under the last items installed.


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