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Power Trunk Release

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So your car doesn't have the power hatch release option?  You want it?  Let's do it.

First off go to a junk yard and go get a power hatch release actuator (basically a solenoid) from a car that has this option.   It is located in the rear of the car behind the plastic trim piece.  Take out those huge plastic screws and one screw on top of the plastic to remove it.  Now you can see the latch itself and the actuator.  The latch looks like this.


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The actuator is connected by a cable to the latch.  Simply unscrew the cable from the latch  being sure to save that screw. Then unbolt the actuator from the bottom of the latch. You will not need the latch itself, unless yours is broken.   You may want to also grab the trunk release switch from the dash board, and the cover plate that covers the option switches, make sure to get the connector for the switch. The switch is located above the center console on the dash panel.  Now that you have a actuator and the switch you are set to install it on your car.

When you get back to your car,  attach the actuator to the same place on your car that it was on the junk yard car.  If your car originally didn't have this option you will have to bend a tab as pointed out in the picture above (center arrow.)  With the tab out of the way, you need to attach the cable to the latch, make sure that the lever on the end of the cable contacts the part inside the latch as pointed out with the left arrow above. Then all you have to do is attach the cable with the screw you saved in the same place it was in the other car (right arrow.)

You will have to run a wire from the actuator to a switch.  If you took the factory switch off the junk car place it in the location it was in before and wire it up.  You need to hook this switch to a un-switched (battery) positive source.


That's it, pretty easy....

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