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Part #5 -- Preparing the car to install the dash

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Before you can install your dash you will need to get the car ready to accept it.  If you haven't already, you need to remove the factory dash pad by unscrewing several screws underneath the lip of the dash, and there are 4 screws in the defroster duct also.  After the screws are removed the dash slides right out. 

You will need to remove the factory gauge cluster by removing several screws (refer to a shop manual)  Don't forget to disconnect the speedometer cable before you pull it out.

You are going to have to do some (ok allot) of re-wiring. 

First, if you chose to relocate the ignition switch, you will have to find a suitable place for it, then tap in to the factory wiring harness at the switch, and run wires to your new switch.  You can either buy a new universal switch at most auto parts stores or you can go to the junk yard to find one.  I recommend relocating the switch because it's a real pain to reach the factory location of the switch after the dash is installed.  Use the correct gauge wire.

Second, you will probably have to move your headlight switch.  When you install your dash it will cover the factory location for it, so unless you want to reach up under the dash every night, it would be a good idea to move it. The procedure is identical to the ignition switch when re-wiring.

Where should you stick these things?  How about in an overhead console, I saw a headlight switch in one, on another conversion and I thought that was just sweet!  I plan on moving my switches again, to an overhead console at a later time.

Third, You will need to tap into the factory wiring harness that went to the gauge cluster.  You will need to extend and label each of the following wires:   Fuel gauge sender, Left & Right turn signal indicators, Tach (if you had one), Head light high beam indicator, and dash illumination (dash lights.)  While your at it you might as well run a wire from your front left radio speaker,  for your voice box.   You are going to need to supply power to your new gauges and voice box , so you are going to need a switched positive power source.  (A wire that has power when the key is on "run" or "accessory")  Don't skimp of the size of the wire either, if your dash is going to draw allot of current you need to have a big gauge wire to supply it along with a big gauge ground wire or your car may just start on fire, no joke.  Oh yeah, fuses are good things too.

Fourth, you need to have a switch so you can turn off your voice box display, this little item can get quite irritating every day when your driving at night, it is bright.

You should be ready to install your dash.....

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