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Part #9 -- What I could of done differently

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I couldn't get myself to end the Dash section without letting you know what I thought I could of done differently.

First off, I want to recess mount everything in the dash, all gauges, TV, absolutely everything.  I would recess mount the gauges so that I could have a flat, uncut piece of tinted Plexiglas for the face of the dash.  (Where the gauges are)  I would hook up the lights to the gauges so that they would automatically come on when the car was started.  This way you could still see the gauges behind the tinted Plexiglas, and when the lights were out you couldn't see them, just a black faced dash.

The TV area I would reconstruct to show only the picture tube and not the whole TV.  I would mount the TV completely behind the dash with nothing sticking out.

I still want to build my console upward so it mates to the bottom of the dash, and I will eventually stick most if not all switches for power accessories, ignition switch, and headlight switch in an overhead console.

I will construct pieces of plastic to cover the bottom of the dash so no one can see under it and paint the remaining factory dash pieces black I'm thinking flat black, so they are not as noticeable.

These are all modifications I will eventually get around to sometime or another, just ideas on how to do things differently.  If you have any suggestions that could make a dash better, e-mail me and we'll stick it up here in this section.


Yeah !, the dash section is complete !!!



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