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Reactions to my car

Throughout the process of building my car and especially after driving it around town there have been some interesting reactions to my car....

During Construction:

-- While I was buying parts at the local Radio Shack, a guy asks me what I was building.  I told him "Do you remember Knight Rider?  I'm building one of those cars."  The clerk and the guy are like Yeah....  Shure..... Whatever...  Well I guess we all know who was right now.... don't we?

-- I was taking the first pictures after installing the scanner, a guy stands across the street for about 10 minutes looking at the car while I was doing this.  He didn't move an inch.


--  While entering a Parts America store I hear "Sweet! the Knight Rider car!"

-- Driving to work. people are pointing and yelling  "It's the Knight Rider car!"

-- During Americruise 2000 I'm cruising down the drag....  "It's KITT !"

-- I sometimes get flashed by people at stop lights during daylight time, so I let the scanner go for a few seconds.  They love it.

-- I always seem to get people looking at the car no matter where I go, I don't even run the scanner on the street.  There was a time where I forgot to turn if off and drove down a major street in the early morning, people are all pointing and have a confused look on their face.  Oops... my bad.

-- After I installed the second set of driving lights...  I was driving down a street with my regular headlights on, some guy coming towards me flashed me, I think to my self  "Hey stupid my brights are not on!"  So I make the dude happy and flashed him back with all 6 lights I had at my disposal.  I don't think he liked that very much....  he he. 



-- A guy stops in front of my house taking pictures of my car.... 

-- Almost everyday at work customers walk around my car just staring at it, looking inside.

-- One night I was working on my unlicensed (un-plated) girlfriends car, my car was behind it in the driveway with the scanner going. and a police officer stopped to check why her car didn't have plates.  After we got done talking about her car, he turns to mine and says "Is that your car?"  I'm like yeah...  "That's pretty neat, is that an after market thing you got there on the front?"  I told him that it was. "Too bad it doesn't talk Hugh?"  So I had to go and show him the inside of my car, he liked it.  He also told me not to drive with the TV on.   That was kind'a neat....

--  There are always people stopping by to look at the car when it's parked outside, they are all like "Nice Car" after pacing around it staring inside for several minutes.

-- The place where I got my tires, they are all staring at it while it's on the lift, while one guy does the actual work.

-- I go back to the tire place several weeks later to get a tire dismounted from a rim.   The guys are like "Does that light work?"  I tell them oh, yeah... I flip the scanner on and they loved it.