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Parts Car:                                                                                                        

Woo Hoo!!.....  I got a parts car, it was a 1982 Trans Am for $200.00.  This car was a real dog when I towed it home.  The body was all rusted out, the transmission was out, and the interior was crapped out.  However many useful parts did come off this old beast.  It came with a factory tach dash, PMD seats, 15" turbo fin rims, spoiler, hood scoop hood, power windows, power trunk release, delay wipers, locking T-Tops, and a posi traction rear end.  All these options will be added to my bird minus the dash, talk about saving money !!  When the junk yard came to get it I even got $40.00 for it so actually all I paid was $160.00 for all the parts I got.....   Sweet !!  Everyone likes to see a fuc*ed up car so I took pictures of it....

  The Before Pictures  

The After Pictures

Bu-Bye Parts Car !!

When I took off the T/A hood it was in bad shape, So I had to sand it down and apply this molecularly bonded shell before installing it on my car. Now Available at your local Wal-Mart store !!





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