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Knight Rider conversion related:

  Knight Registries -The "center" of all conversion type activities.

  Knight Rider News Group -The ONLY newsgroup devoted to all aspects of  Knight Rider

  Knight Rider Online  -Mega Knight Rider info about the series and a really good message board.

Suppliers of custom conversion parts:

  Marks Custom Kits

  Knight Online Conversion  

  Jupiter Electronics 


Conversion owners sites:

- None, submit yours and I'll post it.


Electronic parts related:

  Digi-Key  -The best electronic component supplier

  Circuit Specialists   -If Digi-Key don't have it these guys do

  Radio Shack  -A lonely, overpriced, yet useful store


Firebird / Trans Am  related:

  Third Gen. org


Automotive parts:

  Summit Racing Equipment

  J.C. Whitney


  Performance Years

  Comp Cams



Other interesting links:


  Johnny   -The absolute best site about the Short Circuit movies and J5

  Veganova's Showbiz Pizza Place & CEC page  -Remember the Rock Afire band at Showbiz Pizza place in the 80's?

  Robot   - Build the original Lost in Space B-9 robot


The Massachusetts. Road Kill Pages   -The place to be to see what is left of a car after a wreck.  There is no people involved in these pictures... just cars. (Even has a section devoted to F-body's)

   FCC  -Ever wonder how to get support for anything electronic?  Type in the FCC license numbers of a product and see who made it along with allot more info than you'll ever need to contact the manufacture.  (very useful with computer hardware)

  How Stuff Works  -Ever wonder how anything around you works? Cars, TV's, VCR's, Telephones, Tattoos, DSL, Your Body, Etc.... all explained here.  (Very informative, plan on spending allot of time at this site.)  -Ever find yourself not know what to do on the net?  Go to this site and you will be busy for days.