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Knight Technology

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 Welcome  to Knight Technology.  A website designed to help you convert your Pontiac Firebird or Trans-Am to the famous star car K.I.T.T.  Projects described here revolves around the thought that you want to save money and make some parts yourself.

There are people out here in the Knight Rider community that make parts to convert a car or you can even have the car built for you.  Check out the Links if your interested in that.  If  you got a car, not a whole lot of money, and allot of patients this is the place you want to be.

It started out in 1982 when the series Knight Rider came to be.   Watching the show every week I decided one day I would own a car that looked like KITT.  Fast forward to the 90's and  I purchased my first 3rd generation firebird.  Unknowingly one day I was bored on the internet so I did a search on "Knight Rider".  It came back with a few fan websites so I clicked them, followed their links and I found places called Conversion Companies.


Dang near having a heart attack,  I  started planning on how to make these parts myself.  After making a scanner bar I needed a way to light the thing up.  For days I looked for schematics, there was none to be found for free that had anything to do with Knight Rider.  I knew then that I would have to develop the circuits myself.  A few hundred dollars and months later, the task of building the scanner and voice display was complete.

     Knight Tech was developed to help out   anyone that would want to build these projects for their car cheaply.  Along with these projects is a section devoted to my personal conversion so you can see how these projects will look after you complete them.


Before you go any further I must ask you to read the disclaimer below, if for nothing else your own personal enjoyment.



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Knight Rider© 1982-1985 MCA Universal City Studios. Knight Rider , KITT and its likeness is owned and © by Universal Studios. the Knight Rider series. Its cast & crew, Pontiac Firebirds, and all logos and references to the television series and the characters contained therein are owned by the respective trademark and copyright holders. This page claims no official association with, nor knowingly infringes upon these trademarks and copyrights held by Universal City Studios, and General Motors Co.  No animals were hurt during the creation of these pages, Any procedures or schematics described  within these pages are to be used as and shall be taken as "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" As the website creator I do not guarantee that any of the schematics are not without faults or dangerous defects, I do not imply ANY warranty or guarantee what so ever on any item used or described. So if you build one of the projects and your toaster explodes you wreck your car, or your dog,cat,or house catches on fire as a result    it's all 100% your fault, not MINE!   Use only as directed by your doctor. Causes eye irritation.  Thank god for spell check ! May be harmful if swallowed.  Store in a cool place.  Do not dispose of in fire.  May cause serious birth defects.  Quitting now greatly reduces serious risks to your health.. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal.  By entering any section of this website I here by agree to the above and have a  refrigerator full of oranges, & bananas.   The Radio Shack Trademark is owned by the respective copyright holders of the Tandy Corporation. You must also have in your possession 3 packs of smokes 12 cans of Mountain Dew   and a dog named Ralph.  I agree to worship this webmaster as GOD himself and send him $5,000 a month for the rest of your natural life,  Change your oil every 3,000 miles, LUBE your girlfriend every 500 miles (or 6 months) which ever comes first. Don't forget AOL still
sucks.  This website is best viewed on a   1 MHz Apple ][e computer with a blown small block Chevy 350 under the hood.   Thank you you have been a wonderful audience, good night

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