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  Get  a copy of  Knight Technology on CD  


Tired of  a slow internet connection and popups?


I am now offering a complete CD of this site for your convenience.  This CD will include all the information located on this site... all add free for increased speed.  You wont have to worry about using the internet for this CD, unless you want to use the external web links.  You will have the step by step detailed instructions at your disposal any time - any where.  So throw this CD in your laptop and go build some projects!! 

Simply E-mail me for Knight Tech's contact information, then send $10, your CD will arrive within 7 business days.

System Requirements: Any computer running Internet Explorer 6.0+ with a standard SVGA monitor.

Cost: $10.00 US   via Cash, Certified Check, or Money Order 

Thank You for your interest,   Drew